With the eCampus Virtual Bookstores your institution can offer your students up to five purchasing options, the most options available in the industry. Today's students are internet savvy and if they are not offered the best price with the most options then they will often go elsewhere to find a better deal. Your custom virtual bookstore may be set up so students may purchase new, used and electronic textbooks, may rent their textbooks and may purchase from our Marketplace.


We stock your inventory in our distribution center so when your students order online their items ship out immediately. In order to stock your inventory, we need to know what books professors are adopting. We have a simple process to obtain adoption information!

  1. You get us your adoption list via a template we provide or through data feeds set up by our IT Departments.
  2. We spend time researching your required textbooks.
  3. We give you feedback if we find problems.
  4. You review our feedback and work with us to finalize the list.
  5. We order and stock your inventory.


The corporate office and 105,000 square foot distribution center are both centrally located in Lexington, Kentucky to service students everywhere with convenience. The distribution center is administered and supported by the latest technology including wireless optical scanners, high-speed conveyors and a well-trained, motivated workforce to get merchandise out the door quickly.

CUSTOM MATERIALS can provide your institution with many items that go hand-in-hand with textbooks. We will create custom apparel and merchandise at NO COST for your institution to feature on your virtual bookstore. Students can purchase a tee-shirt along with their textbooks to show their spirit. will obtain any specific supplies needed to go along with a course. For example, does Algebra II require a specific calculator? Well, students can find it right alongside their required textbook on the virtual bookstore. will create custom printed coursepacks for your institution. Coursepacks allow professors the ability to combine any materials they come across that will help their students learn in one, custom printed packet. We will obtain copyright clearance and provide these materials as a hardcopy or in an electronic format (or both).