The trends in the higher education market are in a period of transition.

Today college students are doing everything online including taking courses, registering for classes and purchasing textbooks.

The traditional textbook model is in an age of evolution. Students want every textbook purchasing option available right at their fingertips. Virtual Bookstores is the outsourcing solution for the textbook portion of your physical bookstore.

At no cost, we will build you a branded virtual bookstore through which you can offer students new, used, rental and digital textbooks as well as textbooks from our Marketplace.

The Marketplace allows your students to purchase and sell their textbooks from your branded marketplace store which has over 18,000 sellers offering over 2.8 million textbooks.

Also, over 80% of institutions today now offer students the ability to register for their classes online. features the next generation in student textbook ordering through easy integration with your student registration system. Integrated ordering allows your students the ability to purchase or rent their required textbooks with just one click immediately following class registration.

With Virtual Bookstores, students can purchase their textbooks using financial aid, regardless of the purchasing option.

As an Virtual Bookstores partner, we will do all of the work for you at no cost. We offer a generous commission structure, marketing, branded apparel, adoption support, custom reporting, financial aid usage, custom books and more.

We provide a simple solution by eliminating your textbook budget and purchasing your current on-hand inventory.