will make the transition to our Virtual Bookstore Program as smooth as possible for your students, administration and faculty. We will begin our partnership with an Launch Meeting where we will discuss the objectives, goals and deliverables of our partnership. Following the initial launch, we will conduct ongoing post-audit meetings to measure the success of each quarter/semester or school year. Our reporting and marketing tools will also assist in the transition.

REPORTING has an internal reporting system that provides detailed, real-time information to keep you informed of all of your virtual bookstore activity. Numerous reports are generated daily through our automated system. Your Virtual Bookstore Management Team can create any custom reports needed and can have the reports run at the frequency requested. All reports can be made available for automatic download through's Faculty Administration Support Tool (F.A.S.T.) site or can be sent electronically to your administration.


To ensure a smooth transition, marketing your new eCampus Virtual Bookstore is a top priority. will work hand-in-hand with your primary campus contact and/or your Marketing Department to develop a detailed marketing plan in order to effectively communicate the virtual bookstore to your entire campus. typically creates custom marketing flyers, posters and marketing emails to communicate information regarding the virtual bookstore.