Over 80% of institutions today now offer students the ability to register for their classes online. eCampus.com Virtual Bookstores feature the next generation in student textbook ordering through easy integration with your registration system.

Textbook Registration Integration

Immediately following course registration, students will be able to click a textbook button to directly access their required textbooks for immediate purchase or for purchase at a later date.

Integrating with your institutionsí registration system enables students the ability to instantly purchase or rent all of their required textbooks and course materials with a click of a button. Students will no longer have to search for their required textbooks once they complete course registration.

We set up student registration integration with automatic course listing functionality which links directly to purchase options for a given list of courses. Your institution may utilize the Root URL and QueryString Parameters to dynamically create links for each student based on their course schedule.

Textbook registration integration improves your studentís experience by dramatically simplifying the textbook purchasing process and reducing purchase time.

Single Sign-On

eCampus.com can interface with your Student Information System (SIS) to enable a single sign-on experience for students to automatically login from your information system to the virtual bookstore for textbook purchasing and financial aid usage. eCampus.com can also interface with your internal system for faculty to access our Faculty Administration Support Tool with single sign-on. eCampus.com supports several single sign-on technologies such as CAS and oAuth2. We can also work to integrate with other single sign-on technologies.

eCampus.com has also created a custom single sign-on solution called eCampus Connect. eCampus Connect utilizes a Secret Key, School ID, Access Code, and basic student/faculty information to allow for the automatic login.

Data Transfers

eCampus.com can connect with your SIS for automatic electronic data feeds of current or past adoption data, course information, student or faculty information and financial aid information. All of this may be transmitted via FTP in a file in various formats such as XML, EDI, and CSV. We also support updating/obtaining information via our F.A.S.T. API.