Students can save over 90% on their required textbooks when purchasing from the Marketplace.

Items for sale in the Marketplace are sold by third-party individuals, bookstores and volume sellers. The process of purchasing a book from a Marketplace seller is just like buying any other book or item on your virtual bookstore AND your students can use their financial aid for purchases.

We have a very robust marketplace that has over 18,000 current marketplace sellers listing over 2.6 million textbooks. Our marketplace also features 50 of the top internet book distributors who provide our Marketplace daily bulk files feeds.

Buyers are given an opportunity to leave feedback for Sellers that they have had a purchasing experience with. This feedback is made in the form of a rating scale with associated comments. All future Buyers who visit the Web site can view these ratings and comments.

The Marketplace is an additional purchasing option for your students which will give them an opportunity to save even more money as well as provide them with EVERY purchasing option available so they won't go searching elsewhere.